Why are women taking off their clothes for Calvin Klein?

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Why are so many young women taking selfies of themselves wearing nothing but their Calvin Klein’s?

Which leads to another question – how the heck did Calvin Klein get so big again?
Calvin Klein was big in the 1980s and ran many famous campaigns then he gradually faded from view. His jeans are of course a fashion icon and he had a huge success with his perfumes and fragrances.
But that was then – a long time before Instagram was a thing or even thought of- or even the internet for that matter.
The young girls who are doing it – do they know who Brooke Shields? Or the famous slogan – Nothing Gets Between Me and My Calvin’s.
He no longer owns the company, which he sold for $300 million plus royalties. Calvin Klein – the company is now owned by one of the USA’s largest fashion conglomerates.
Which begs the question – why are these multi-billionaire companies getting free advertising all over Instagram? All over social media actually.
Which is exactly what it is for them. 100 % FREE advertising. Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?
Don’t underestimate the power of free media. A certain US president cleverly exploited the media for all he was worth. Look where that got him. 🙂
Do the young girls think they are being cool, hip or ironic?
Do they just want to be part of a crowd?
Look at me! Look at me! I am cool. I am hip! I am helping to give away millions of dollars of free advertising. For a multi-billion dollar company. So they can sell even more of their made in Bangladesh/Ethiopia/ cheapest Country on the Planet for Making Clothes. For grossly inflated prices.
How hip is that!
It so hip I don’t even get paid for it!!!

You have to admire their marketing nous and the power of the tribe. Our tribe likes to post pictures of ourselves with the brand’s hashtag.
Photographers, however, should know better. Giving multi-billion dollars companies a free ride is not so smart for the photographers.
That answers our question. They are big again BECAUSE they earn millions in free advertising. A virtuous circle indeed.